Uncompromising quality

An idea gets our curiosity, a product our full attention. Making the best digital products drives us by day and keeps us up at night.

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Ownership approach

We're in this together. We approach every project as our own and share your achievements as well as setbacks.

For example, Ondrej has built Hikemates and Andrej Codetasty.

Long-term partnerships

Great success doesn't come overnight. Lasting cooperation on a project allows us to fully understand the product and apply our know-how.

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Business thinking

When you grow, we grow. We support our strategies with data, feedback and facts that help you avoid setbacks and save resources in the long run.

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Healthy relationships

We like to keep our partners close. Transparent communication helps us build a relationship where we grow your business together.

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Acknowledged experience

A functional product is a great satisfaction, but being recognized is cool too. Our work has been awarded by organizations like Awwwards, FWA or CSSDA.

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