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Marketing Miner

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Launch date

August 2020

About project

Marketing Miner is a Czech tool for getting complex marketing analyses fast. Our task was a complete redesign of the website and app with a focus on usability. The app is used by hundreds of marketers daily, so making it clear and transparent was vital. Intuitive UI, understandable charts and practical micro-interactions make the user experience better. And not without proof – the users are reviewing the redesign very positively.

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It is a pleasure to see how a truly unique and usable design is created under someone's hands. We have been cooperating with Outloud for years, and they always deliver great and creative work. Despite the fact that wireframes and assignments from me were sometimes terrible, they always came up with a great design. I like designers who think about their work, so I can recommend them without hesitation.

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Filip Podstavec
CEO of Marketing Miner
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