We create websites and brands that are seen and heard. Loud and clear.

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We are a well-managed and aligned team of designers, developers and strategists who turn good ideas into even better products. We save the money and time that takes to build your own team and accelerate the launch of new projects. We create products that have the potential to change the world, in a way that increases their chances of success. For small businesses and big players, established entrepreneurs and fast-growing startups.


We love clients who understand our value


Taking it personally

Being a client can be challenging – and we know this by experience. We approach every project as our own, so its success is a big deal for us. The bigger you get, the bigger we get.


Working effectively

We don't boil an ocean to make a cup of tea. We look for effective solutions and explain that a beautiful brand without content is no good, just as a modern website without traffic.


Sustaining quality

If you want a brand while one waits or a website in a week, you have to look elsewhere. We don't do anything that we don't want to brag about. Quality takes time, and you want quality.


Being friends

We're fair to each other, keep nothing back and outweigh every argument with many laughs. We also help each other to move and gladly stop for a beer. And we'll be the same way with you.


Valuing cooperation

No one knows about your business more than yourself. To bring your project to a successful end, you need to be a part of our team. Only that way we can make the best decisions.


Embracing our values

We don't work with people whose values ​​are not close to ours, and we don't support things we disagree with. We respect nature and always propose a responsible design and the most ecological solution.


Each of us knows something, together we know a lot


Matúš Bandúr

Development Consultant
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Martin Vančo

Back-end developer

Peter Hodák

UX & UI designer

Jakub Urban

Back-end developer

Andrej Szalma

Back-end developer

Sebastián Danáč

Front-end developer

Pavol Krafčík

UX & UI designer
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Andrej Adamčík

Founder & Head of Development

Daniel Sevald

UX & UI designer

Pavol Hüber

Project manager
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Martin Štrba

Founder & Head of Design

Marek Kolesár

Full Stack Developer
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Ondrej Kostolňák

Founder & Managing Director

Majo Puterka

Design Consultant

David Havlín

Front-end developer

Let's start something completely new together

Drop us a line, and we'll get in touch. We'll see if we're a match and how we can help each other.